Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Just wanted to share.....

Well, the Women Today Expo was fabulous! Lori and I met some amazing moms and kids who were really excited about SuperNoots. One sweet girl in particular really has stuck with me and I think she is going to have great success with her SuperNoots Starter Pack.

Lori and I (mostly Lori!) will be doing workshops and mini-seminars for several of the fitness and nutritions programs, health fairs and mom groups over the next few weeks. If you think you might be interested in setting something up, then please let us know!
The Expo has really re-energized our mission and original reason for creating SuperNoots....we want to continue sending out that message of creating healthy eating habits for life.

The next post will be from Lori so you don't get tired of listening to just me!
Thanks again for the very nice comments.

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