Tuesday, May 27, 2008

She's a little busy...

Have you seen Victoria's site lately? My business partner, Victoria, is a fabulous graphic designer, in case you didn't know, and her business is booming. Check out her beautiful work at http://www.victoriapzurcher.com/.

I'm proud to say we started this little journey together, but I'm even more proud to call her my friend. She's my confidante, my griping buddy, and the person I can call when I'm close to her neighborhood, have to pee, and would rather not use a public restroom :)

Even the most fabulous of business women/moms can't squeeze more than 24 hours out of a day, so Victoria has decided to leave the SuperNoots stuff to me. I'm officially taking full ownership of SuperNoots, and even though it's a little bittersweet, I know it will be an exciting adventure.

SO, please visit her website and wish her well. As for me and Victoria, you'll see us hashing out the Greek food at our local church festival and dragging our kiddies to all the corny kid functions around town.

An amazing lady named Lisa Cohen has recently given a huge lift to SuperNoots. She's a master blogger who loves life and all the fine details that make it beautiful.

I am extremely honored to be featured on her site. She's blogged about SuperNoots twice now, and thanks to amazing traffic, I have been super busy.

Turns out Lisa's also quite the fan of Coldplay, my favorite group. Coldplay is also one of the two musical selections my husband and I both love (Alison Krauss is the other... odd combination, I know). She's attending a concert next month, so she promises to keep us updated.

Please check out her blog at http://www.lisacohen.typepad.com/ and see for yourself how charming she is. She also teaches classes at http://www.bigpicturescrapbooking.com/.

I'll post later about an amazing adventure I recently had in Las Vegas. My fabulous sister-in-law, Frankie, took me and a friend to the Country Music Awards. It was so much fun. I'll post pictures, too. -Lori

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