Friday, November 14, 2008

The Indy Kids go to Work / Light Hummingbird Cake

Several weeks ago, the SuperNoots household was blessed to host our amazing friends, The Indy's, for the weekend. Words just can't describe how much we enjoy their yearly visit, and this year was no exception. Here they are. Aren't they cute? Dont' they just look sweet?

Our weekend consisted of eating, shopping, eating, going to a movie, eating, playing, eating, going to the UT/Alabama game, eating, working, and did I mention eating?

Now, I mentioned working because the Indy kids were unwittingly lured into making SuperNoots magnets. It truly started off as an innocent attempt on my part to show them how cool it was to make a magnet, but after showing them how it was done, they made it their personal mission to help me out.

So, if you order a SuperNoots chart within the next week or two, there's a good chance your magnets were made by the Indy kids (self-named G-Man and Dancing Queen for this blog). I'm sure child labor laws have been violated here, but I assure you they were treated well, given breaks, and did I mention there was lots of eating at my house?

Red shows G-Man how it's done.

Blondie and Biscuit assist G-Man and the Dancing Queen.

Part of the weekend's eating involved my favorite cake recipe, Lightened Humingbird Cake from Southern Living. I mean, delicious, folks. The unsweetened applesauce works to keep this cake moist for days. Yum.
Later on, I used the cream cheese frosting recipe to fill strawberries for my neighborhood bunco. This was a huge hit!!

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