Thursday, December 11, 2008

Villainous Time-Sucker / G2 drink option

Ok, ok, I know, where have I been...

Over the past few weeks, I've fallen prey to one of the deadliest, most villainous time-suckers of our generation...


I listened helplessly as my husband, children, and house suffered intense bouts of neglect, all as I typed away, wondering what Jennifer has been up to all these years, and who all is on Ashley's friend list, and what part of my day is exciting enough to include in an update?

Tragic, folks. After several weeks, however, it is finally wearing off a touch, and now I keep the computer out of the kitchen. And yes, I am aware that this whole thing is completely ridiculous!!

I wanted to share with you a favorite lunch tip of mine, a product I find to be one of the best drink options out there to include in your kids' lunch.

This little gem has a low sugar count, something missing from most juice options. I did my own little comparison of other products I've purchased...

Honest Kids Organic juice pouch, 10 g. sugar per 200 milliliter

Apple & Eve 100%juice No Sugar Added juice box, 21 g. sugar per 200 milliliter

and G2? 6 g. sugar per 200 milliliter *

And it tastes great, according to the SuperNoots kids. *The small G2 containers are a total of 355 milliliters, which is a lot, more than what my kids will down in one meal. SO, I pack their lunches using half a bottle, stretching my dollar a little by reusing water bottles to pack the other half the next day.

If you pack the entire bottle, the sugar total is 10 g., but still just as good as the best juice pouch out there.


3 Bay B Chicks said...

Stay away from the Facebook abyss. I have been wondering where you went. After a virus that I "contracted" while using Facebook destoyed my hard drive, I swore off of it for good. That and those short updates that people send you drive me a little nuts. It is like Twitter on crack.

In any event, whew! You even came back with a gem of a food tip. Now that's what I am talking about. I am adding you back to my daily reading list now that you are blogging again. :)


Rick said...

Oh my sister got me going on FacBook. There's no turning back - I still like my blog though.

Rachel said...

Thanks for the kid tip. Thinking that's a great idea. What don't have the lego problem but more like the artwork all over the house..kind of problem.

Anonymous said...

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