Thursday, January 8, 2009

Boys, Boys, Boys

Last night, it was just me and the boys.

And when I say me and the boys, I mean "me," a thirty-something-sweet-talkin-but-liberal-smart-mouthin-Southern-belle-blonde, and "boys," three sixty-something-professional-conservative-church-officiating-Greek-men."

And we all had a big ol' date.

Mind you one of those men was my super cool father-in-law, and the other two, his pals, I'd just as well hang out with than my own girlfriends. (ok, maybe not at the mall)

Our destination? The UT men's basketball game. Bruce Pearl. J.P. Prince. Tyler Smith. Wayne Chism. Cameron Tatum. More boys.

The game started at 9:00, which means I had to drink diet coke at 6:00 to make it to 12:00.

Usually at these events I sit when everyone else sits, clap at our good shots but not the other team's errors, and even raise my hand with a "Whoo!" at the appropriate pause in Rocky Top.

But that's assuming that the refs don't tick me off. And that's also assuming that we don't go into overtime. And it's ALSO assuming that I don't detect an attitude, or "tude" as it's called in the stands, from the other team.

So, yes, sweet readers, do not be shocked when I tell you that more than once during this game, I let the boobird fly. (For those of you confused by "boobird," it means screaming the word "boo" really loud, not giving the finger). And when the boobird starts flying, it is hard to bring him to roost. And when the boobird flies with 20,000+ other boobirds, you can forget about it.

I must give credit here to the man sitting to my left. His mother apparently brought him up a little better than the rest of us, because when the boobirds were at their worst, he chimed in with a "GAAH-LEE!," which if you're an Andy Griffith fan, you might recognize this from Gomer Pyle. I kid you not, this was his derogatory exclamation. I was highly amused.

Man, I had a blast. But we lost. And we were in a bad mood for a little while. But not for long.

So, where was TDH in the midst of all these boys?

He was home, giving baths and brushing teeth, reading a story, and planting kisses. Then he watched the game on TV, and enjoyed the fact that his wife was one of the crazy, boobird-slingin' Vol fans. That man, folks, is my favorite boy of all.


Kelly said...

Oh we could SOOOOOOOO be friends in real life! :-)

Mark said...

I like your site! Fun!

3 Bay B Chicks said...

If we were giving out some sort of prize for the best alternate use for the elliptical machine, you would win, hands down. Your suggestion to use it as a buffet made me laugh out loud.

So, Tennessee, huh? I love it! Although I have always called California home, growing up, I had a secret desire to live in the south. Don't ask me why. Probably a combination of many things...the food, the pace of life, a southern accent. Or maybe it was just my grandmother's copies of the "Southern Living" magazine. :)


3 Bay B Chicks said...

I totally neglected to comment on what is now my favorite all-time post from you...

1) Your husband is a gem. Definitely worth keeping
2) Envisioning you at this basketball game, the only female in your group, totally makes me smile.
3) You are a great writer.
4) I know this may cost me our friendship, but I have to be honest, who is UT?

Take all the time you need to recover from the shock of my question, if needed.

Lori said...

Just so everyone knows and there is not massive panic, I have emailed F with 3 Bay B Chicks and fiercely reprimanded her for her question.

So, world, you may now continue to spin. -LORI