Friday, March 28, 2008

Exciting News!!

Hi, everyone! Wow, what a week for SuperNoots! Where do I start? How about with the most important and exciting feedback we've received to date... feedback from kids! A young teenage girl who talked with Victoria at the expo emailed us to tell us she loved the chart and couldn't wait to go shopping for her food. As for me, I was stopped in Target today by a very cool lady, who bought a chart for her 12-year old neice (she recognized me from the expo). She told me her neice was loving SuperNoots and eating foods she had never eaten before. Wow!

What's amazing about these comments is that Victoria and I are reaching an age we weren't sure would be receptive to us, but turns out, tweens are really responding to the whole empowerment thing we've been preaching about! If we give our kids ownership over something, they're going to do just that... own it. And that's what we want our kids to do when it comes to eating healthy, OWN IT!!!

Also, Victoria and I are going to be on TV. A local news show, 'Style: A Show for You,' is filming us on Tuesday morning, but I'm not sure if we'll be on that day or not. We're glad Michele Silva and Moira Kaye decided to feature us. We weren't sure after I stalked them and hunted them down at the expo (would you believe after I made a fool of myself, shamelessly peddling SuperNoots, I forgot my business card to give them!). Thank you, Michele and Moira for giving this crazy girl a chance!

Another huge happening... we received an email today from Stacy Julian. Apparently, this gorgeous lady (you should see her picture) is the 'Scrapbooking Queen!' You have GOT to see her website (, and whether you are a scrapbooker or not, you will be amazed at how she makes scrapbooking a spiritual experience. Anyway, she saw our website, and she loved SuperNoots, even bought one for her son! After including us in her blog, we received 2 orders within the hour that she posted it. Can you believe that? Queen, I tell you! Thank you SO much, Stacy!

That's all for now. Victoria is busy doing little house chores since TV crews will be busting down her door on Tuesday. I'll let her tell you about the whole filming experience.


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