Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Healthy Eating Suggestions for Kids

A quick tidbit on how Nicholas fills up his SuperNoots chart in a day...
breakfast: Cheerios in the car (you didn't think I was SuperWoman, did you?)
AM snack: cheese and crackers, apple slices
lunch: PB&J sandwich, baby carrots, banana
PM snack: yogurt, blueberries and granola
dinner: Daddy's grilled BBQ chicken breast, steamed broccoli, **whole grain brown rice (**see note below), milk, cookie

Count 'em up! whole grains- 5 (Cheerios, crackers, whole wheat bread, granola, brown rice)
dairy- 3 (cheese, yogurt, milk)
vegetables- 2 (carrots, broccoli)
protein- 2 (peanut butter, chicken)
fruits- 3 (apple, banana, blueberries)
treat- 1 (cookie)

At the end of the day, Nicholas would be short a whole grain, but as mentioned in our fabulous parent guide, kids don't have to fill up the chart to be successful. Part of eating healthy for kids (and all of us!) is listening to their little bodies... if they fill full, stop eating!

Of course, if you're like me and my family, it is unnatural to leave food on a plate. I keep thinking once I have more than five minutes to sit and eat, then I will stop 'shoveling' my food and teach my little girl to eat like a lady and practice this whole idea of leaving food on a plate.

Am I the only mom who never orders a salad at a restaurant, simply because it takes too long to eat and the odds of you getting to finish it are slim to none?!

**OK, here's my healthy eating 'thing to buy' for the day. (Am I starting something here?) If you haven't discovered Uncle Ben's Ready Rice (whole grain brown), then you are missing out. It's a pouch of rice you stick in the microwave for 90 seconds, and it's done. The best part, well second best behind the 90 second thing, is that it has ZERO sugars! Can you believe that?! I saw Ellie Krieger use it on her show, and I've been addicted ever since. Oh, and a shout-out to my fabulous mother-in-law, who uses it, too.


P.S. SuperNoots is now available at Smart Toys and Books in Franklin Square. We will also be available at Sprout Studio very soon. Oh, and did I mention how much Victoria and I love and adore Michele Silva and Moira Kaye on 'Style: A Show for You'? Well, I do. They are super cool and gave our little business an amazing boost. Thank you!

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eating healthy for kids said...

I can certainly agree that it can be difficult to teach kids proper eating habits when you are a busy parent with only five minutes to eat.

I'll never forget the comments my parents used to get when we were kids and actually wanted to order salads at restaurants.

I enjoy the blog. Thanks for the post.