Thursday, April 24, 2008

SuperNoots will help you define 'healthy' for your kids

How often have we told our kids 'no' to having a treat, and then follow up with the explanation, "It's not healthy." 'Healthy' is an abstract concept for kids, and it's not exactly consoling to be denied Skittles over something they don't understand.

How about this for an explanation...

"Mommy, can I have Skittles?"
"It looks like you've already filled up your treat spot, so let's pick out a healthy food you like in the snack pack (or on the shopping list). Would you like to have Skittles for your treat tomorrow?"

What you've done...
1. You nipped a meltdown in the bud by not denying him the treat he wanted, you only postponed it. When kids have a visual like our chart, they can see that yes, they will have the chance to eat Skittles tomorrow to fill up their treat spot.
2. You taught him what healthy means by showing him foods good for his body on the shopping list and/or snack pack. In no time he'll be able to tell the difference between a healthy food and a not-so-healthy food.
3. You subtracted one 'NO' from your vocabulary today.
4. You kept the philosophy of SuperNoots going by offering choices and reminding him that he is in control of his eating (as long as he sticks to his chart!).

OK, on a SuperNoots business note, we are looking forward to an article coming out in May in the Knoxville Business Journal. Victoria and I will be featured alongside Lima Bean Baby and Stroller Strides... what an honor! The article will be written by the fabulous Laura Ayo, and she is more than just a writer... she makes up cool ways for her kids to eat healthy food! Check out her recipe find for edamame.
She cuts eyes out of the cheese and adds shredded cheese to make a mouth, and calls it Monster Mash. Very creative!!

Does anyone have any ideas how to make veggies more enticing?

Have a great day! Lori

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Anonymous said...

Wish I had known it was coming to local stores before I paid for S&H :(. We started today and my little girl is excited. The whole grains are what is going to be hardest for us. She isn't a big "bread eater". Suggestions?