Monday, June 16, 2008

SuperNoots, Mommy Bloggers, and a Little Girl Named, Hmmm....

Thanks, Rachel Mickelson, of, for a great product review of SuperNoots. I love reading all the comments... they're like little warm fuzzies. You are doing a great job with your site and I can't wait to see who wins the big contest :) Check out Rachel's review and all the sweet comments (84 to date!) here.

I also have to give a shout out to Stacy Julian and Lisa Cohen, both of which supported Victoria and me in a huge way. Stacy, I still remember the day Victoria and I were just getting started, and all of a sudden, we had like 150 hits on our site and loads of orders. We had no idea what had happened! We finally tracked down the traffic to you and your awesome blog, so thank you, thank you, and thank you! Find Stacy's blog here. And Lisa, your blog readers were so inspired by your SuperNoots testimony, you wouldn't believe the love that came my way thanks to you... and what can I say about a fellow Coldplay fan, but ROCK ON!! Find Lisa's blog and SuperNoots ravings here and here.

As for me, I am anxiously awaiting the birth of my neice and Goddaughter, uh, nameless at the moment, but nonetheless already loved more than she'll ever comprehend. I expect any moment to get the phone call (hopefully before her June 30th due date), then I will mercilessly drop my three kiddos at my mom's doorstep and drive to Atlanta. I might remember to pick up TDH along the way, hopefully he can jump through the window of a moving minivan, er, car.

You probably noticed I've just now learned how to link. Yes, I am the world's biggest tech dummy. I have decided that my first posted picture will be of the newest family member, so get ready. I realize that a photo along with my blog will seem strange, but I'm confident we'll make it through together. L

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rachel said...

Thanks for the link love. Glad you're blogging now too! Get busy.