Wednesday, June 18, 2008

In the bathroom?!?

I just have to share this funny with you...

Before I tell you, you need a little background information.

I love Zone bars.

And thanks to one misguided judgment to let Biscuit, Blondie and Red try them, they love Zone bars, too.

The problem is, they're not cheap, nor are they particularly healthy. SO, while I will subject my own body to the harmful effects of Chocolate Mint, I am selfish, er, caring enough to spare my children the same fate.

The other problem is that my kids ain't dummies, and not only are their ears fine-tuned to the sound of a Zone bar wrapper, but they easily recognize the guilty face their mother makes when she tries to sneak one.

SO, the following are the shameless steps I took today to sneak a Zone bar. And after reading them, you won't even have to say it, I'll already know what you're thinking.

Step 1: Turned on and turned up Food Network.
Step 2: Under the cover of Guy's Big Bite, snatched bar from pantry when kids were not looking.
Step 3: Before wrapper could be completely opened, Red became suspicious and entered kitchen.
Step 4: Left bar in kitchen sink for 10 minutes until Red became distracted.
Step 5: Placed bar on plate in sink and began to cut bite-sized pieces (taking bites off whole bar too risky, and breaking bites off bar creates chocolate-coated fingers)
Step 6: Turned away from kids to chew, pretended to be busy rearranging towels in towel drawer.
Step 7: Half-way through bar, Biscuit appeared unexpectedly.
Step 8: Wadded rest of bar up with a papertowel, and moved shameless face-stuffing into the bathroom, yes, the bathroom. Don't say you haven't done it.

In the frequently asked questions section of the SuperNoots website, I talk about healthy eating mentality. Maybe I should add the FAQ, what if I want to sneak a treat?, and then post this scenario. What do you think?

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