Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Birthday 'Cluster'

If you've been following along here at this crazy little blog, then you've gathered that our family is in the middle of its birthday cluster, a.k.a. the short span of time where nearly half the family members celebrate his or her special day. (not to mention the anniversaries, too!)

Anyway, I thought I'd post a few pics on our recent celebrations, starting with my little neice, who we've just been celebrating every day for the past few weeks!

Isn't she sweet? Yes, I know.

Next is a non-picture of my sister-in-law, who soon after giving birth to this little darlin', celebrated her birthday. For her birthday, she took a 10 minute break from feeding to blow out her candles.

And soon after my sister-in-law, little Biscuit turned five, and somehow his birthDAY turned into his birthWEEK.

Trip to the zoo. Yes, Biscuit's wearing a Peyton Manning jersey. No, we don't live in Indiana. But we love Peyton Manning for being a Tennessee alum and also setting a great example for our kids.
Trip to Creative Kids Museum in Chattanooga. Biscuit posing with a T-Rex.

The big birthday party! We had a great time. In this picture, I'm not sure if Biscuit is blowing his candles out or if I've just told him about his 5-year immunization shot!

TDH's Dad celebrated a big mile-marker birthday just yesterday. Unfortunately, he didn't get to enjoy but just a bite of his birthday dessert. Wonder why?

And we're not done! My nephew celebrates his big 5 in a few weeks. Then it's almost two months before the next 'cluster.'

Business note... thank you, Stacy Julian, again for an amazing post about SuperNoots. Your support has been tremendous, and I truly truly truly appreciate you :)

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Elizabeth said...

Awww, sweet baby! Happy Birthday to Biscuit, who looks great in that Peyton Manning jersey :)