Thursday, July 17, 2008

Celebrating Almost Over

Oh, sweet readers, how I have abandoned you. My excuse is a good one... Biscuit's 5th birthday.

We're having an outdoor water games party, and I want it to be fabulous. (We already took a family trip to Chattanooga in honor of his birthday). You see, this year, I'm experiencing the same guilt I had two years ago. Let me explain...

Before Biscuit's third birthday, I had been on bed rest and breastfeeding twins for the last six months of his life. For his party that year, I totally overextended myself to compensate for neglecting the poor thing. It got a little out of control!

So, this year, same guilt, different reason. SuperNoots has been full-steam ahead since March, and once again, my little Biscuit has paid the price. Quite frankly, I just don't know how you working moms manage your guilt.

That being said, I want this little party to be special. Biscuit will be sharing the spotlight with his grandfather, who is turning 70. I hope he doesn't mind a dinosaur cake!

CHECK OUT THIS WEEK! One of my previous blog posts is being featured! Check out the great picture of Biscuit :)


MizFit said...

ahhhh mamahood and trying to work.

methinks it's a crazymaker and yet I adore it :)


FitMom said...

Hope your kid had a great birthday.

Girl, I feel guilt when I leave them for two hours!