Friday, August 29, 2008


Biscuit and I just returned from our trip to California. We had a great time visiting family, and he was thrilled to fly for the first time. On our return home, he got the full experience... we flew right into the remnants of hurricane Fay going into the Atlanta airport. His mother, who does not handle turbulance well due to a seat-gripping experience several years ago, was beside herself, and was forced to pull out the acting performance of her career. Whee, wasn't that fun?!?

We were supposed to have an hour layover in Atlanta, but for some reason, headwinds or whatever, we landed with 20 minutes to spare before our Knoxville flight took off.

SO, I grabbed Biscuit by the shoulders, looked him dead in the eye, tightened his little backpack straps, and said, "Son, you and me. We're gonna make this plane." And off we were, running from terminal A to B, which in Atlanta is no short run, hair flying and cough drops flying out of an unzipped pocket of my backpack.

We made it. Barely. It was a true bonding experience, knocking over little ol' ladies and taking out unsuspecting children with our flying backpacks.

The trip itself to California was wonderful, filled with fun and family time.
Biscuit needed serious coaxing to pose for this picture. This was a little dinosaur museum close to Palm Springs.
Can you see Biscuit sitting on his toe?
Aunt Judy and Biscuit

I've seen the desert many times in my life, but there's nothing like seeing one of God's amazing creations for the first time through your child's eyes.

We had a wonderful time, and hugs and kisses to my wonderful family out there, who I love deeply and there's just never enough time to visit.

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