Friday, September 19, 2008

It's all about the LOVE, folks!

If you've been following along the last little bit, you know that I'm currently stumbling my way through the transition of StayHomeMom to Working Mom. To make things more complicated, I'm working out of my home, which makes the lines even blurrier, and adds to the confusion. Hence to say, I'm crazier than ever!

With the craziness, however, comes a huge amount of gratefulness, since I've been blessed tremendously with three little darlins, an amazing husband and family, fabulous girlfriends and a passion that has turned into a business. And at the top of every grateful list I have is my faith, which holds me together and gives deeper meaning and value to all the above.

I'm writing this on the heels of a particularly hectic week, full of meetings, appointments, laundry and everything else in between. When I find myself complaining, it's cathartic to stop and reflect on what's really going on with my life, and how much does it really matter that Blondie stepped in poop then put her poop shoes on top of my presentation materials?

Luckily for Blondie, we had just finished throwing rocks into the lake, therapeutic indeed, and I kept my reaction to a dull moan versus all-out-panic.

Well, a little bit of a ramble, but I'm just emotional, probably because I get in this reflective mood every year when my birthday rolls around. I love y'all!!!

Red and Blondie last Christmas... it's all about the love, folks.

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