Friday, October 17, 2008

Healthy Lunches / 80's Music is Kid Music Part I

Let me just start by saying this...

As a mom, a little deception goes a long way.

Here's an example.

Because of their mother's deceptive efforts, Biscuit, Blondie and Red believe that the 80's radio station is a kids' music station.

How did I do it?

First of all, I had a little help from the radio station. On came 'Shout' by Tears for Fears. Biscuit liked this song since the word "shout" is repeated a million times. The next song was 'Centerfield,' with lyrics like "put me in coach I'm ready to play." Hello, a song about baseball!

It was during this song that I had a Grinch moment. You know, the moment when the Grinch smiles that awful smile when he decides to dress up like Santa and steal Christmas.

As I reached down to change the radio station I said,

"Shouting and baseball?!? I'm going to change it now, this must be a kid music station."

Needless to say, we've been listening to 80's music for several weeks now. And what's terrible, and I realize I'm using this blog as a confessional, is that I perpetuate the deception by moaning from time to time that I wish I could listen to grown-up music. Terrible. I'm wondering if I'll have to address these issues upon my admittance into heaven.

My point is that I believe we mommies have a certain right to deceive our children when it comes to their well-being, or in this case, the mother's sanity. I love you, Laurie Berkner, but sometimes I just want to throw Freddie and his spaghetti through my car window.

I do not believe, however, that deceiving our children to eat veggies serves them well. Sorry, Jessica Seinfeld, but I've just got to disagree with your methods a little here.

The whole idea behind my business is that for kids to build a strong foundation of healthy eating habits, we need to educate and empower them while they're young. There are ways, lots of ways, to help your kids along this journey without stuffing their brownies with spinach. It's not supposed to be easy, but it's worth it. The gift of health is always worth it.

So, I encourage you to stay on track, renew your efforts, or start helping your kids eat fresh fruits and veggies, lots of whole grains and as little sugar as possible.

I've got a great link to help you and your kids pack healthy lunches. Believe me, I've looked the Internet over and haven't found a better site than this. Kudos to Laptop Lunches!

Visit here to see a plethora of healthy lunch ideas, not to mention extremely cool and environmental-friendly lunchboxes.


Donielle @ Raising Peanuts said...

Amen to not hiding veggies! My little guy is only 2, but I make sure he gets offered veggies or at least fruit at every meal. I do have one of those sneaky chef books though and like using the ideas to make normal stuff just a bit healthier. But it's nothing I would ever hide - the kids can join in the making and see what goes in it.

Having said that, I do come from a really picky family and have a sis with a MAJOR texture issue. It would have served her well if my mom had been hiding pureed food in her meals.

Liisa said...

I just had to laugh! I can totally see the evil Grinch smile! I will have to try this technique.

As for hiding the veggies I did try that method on my 17 year old son as well as the little ones I look after. They loved the recipes but now everytime I ask my son if he likes something new I made he says "Why is there turnip in it or something?" He's just a little paranoid after finding out about the cauilflower banana bread. ~smile~

I agree with you about a little work being worth it. That will provide life long good eating habits. Even when there is no one to hide spinach in their brownies!