Monday, October 13, 2008

Pasta, Chicken and Veggies / In the Dark

There is a natural ebb and flow to my world as a mom.

I am patient with my children. I take it out on someone else. I am patient with my children. I take it out on someone else. I am patient...

TDH will be the first to tell you that his wife can spend 15 minutes gently convincing his son to wear socks only to turn around and snap at him for running the icemaker while she's trying to talk. And so it goes in our house.

Today, however, TDH has caught a break... the flourescent light has burned out in the laundry room. Monday is my laundry day, folks. Stain identification cannot be done in the dark, or even by lamp. So, the laundry room is the stress focal point for the day, and TDH has been spared, bless his heart.

Of course, he'll still have to replace the light, so to show my appreciation, I think I'll make one of his favorite healthy dinners tonight.

It's hard to beat pasta, chicken and veggies, all in one pot. Let's call this One-Pot-PCV.

One-Pot-PCV (feeds four adults)

one pound whole-wheat pasta of choice
low-sodium chicken broth
1 Tbsp. butter
4 skinless chicken breasts
salt, oregano, garlic
veggies of choice

Boil pasta in broth. Drain and set aside. In same pot, melt butter right to the point before it turns brown (may have to turn heat back on for a moment). Add pasta. Set aside.
Season chicken with salt, oregano and garlic to taste. Once chicken browns, turn heat down to medium low and add veggies. (Veggies will soften faster and chicken will stay extra moist if you use a non-stick skillet with lid). Add C and V to P and serve! Sprinkle with feta or parmesan cheese for extra flavor. Enjoy!

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