Monday, April 6, 2009

Can't Take Me Anywhere

This morning, as I read the usual suspects of fabulous blogs on my blogroll, my friend Francesca had me laughing with her embarrassing car moment. It seems in Francesca's attempt to wave at her son's preschool teacher, she ended up nearly causing the poor woman to run off the road, much to her embarrassment. But as usual, one person's misfortune is another person's amusement, so I thought I would jump in here and offer my own embarrassing car moment.

If you've ever seen a Baby Einstein DVD, then you are most likely familiar with the little green puppet that delights children by sticking out its tongue and saying, "BLAAAAH!" My children loved this little puppet back in the day, and with every "BLAAAAH" came little toddler laughter that would melt your heart.

So, one day, after dropping Biscuit off at his preschool, the twins were enjoying this particular video in the car as I came to a stop at a redlight. At this same moment, I heard, "BLAAAAH!" from the little green puppet. Like any good mother would do, I turned around, and with a huge smile, tongue sticking way out, chimed in with my own "BLAAAAH!"

Funny, right? Well, the gentleman in the car behind me was not amused. I guess he couldn't understand why this lady was sticking her tongue out at him like she was at a Kiss concert. The reeeeally embarrassing part? This gentleman was the father of one of Biscuit's classmates.

So, with no chance to explain myself and blame it on the little green puppet, I lapsed into an embarrassment coma. Should I drive really fast to escape the situation? Should I swerve like a maniac so he thinks I'm drunk? Should I pull over to the side of the road in hopes he will think there's something wrong and pull over, too, giving me a chance to explain? Should I try to follow him to work to explain myself? Should I start shopping around for other preschools? Other cities to live?

Oh, the shame. I bet you have an embarrassing car moment. I'd love to hear it!

On a side note, after I told Red what I had done, he lapsed into his own embarrassment coma.


ymK said...

Oh God. I would just bury myself somewhere and die! So embarrassing. Poor you!
Can't think of any such moments of mine right now, but will let you know if I do.
Its my first time to your blog,(or second maybe, found you on 3 bay b chicks) and its really good :)

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Great story! Just hopping over from Sarah's for a first time visit. Lots of fun here.